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Apartment Amsterdam offers a wide range of comfortable short stay apartments, rental apartmenst and apartmenst for sale. With Apartment Amsterdam you will get:

A large differentation of apartments throughout Amsterdam
The ability to stay in a suitable apartment for the time you want
With Apartment Amsterdam you can book luxurious apartments within a few clicks


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Take a look at one of our apartments in Amsterdam. We have a lot more to offer. Contact us for more info.

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About us

What is Apartment Amsterdam all about?
Apartment Amsterdam website was set up due to popular demand. Many foreigners coming to Amsterdam as tourists or expats, are in need of suitable accommodation. This could be a short stay or serviced apartment for tourist or business people wanting to stay in Amsterdam for a few days. The city of Amsterdam did not offer an online platform that provided an overview of available short stay apartments, serviced apartments, rental apartments and apartments for sale. It was difficult to get a good overview of the available apartments. The Apartment Amsterdam website provides a high quality property portal, which brings both tenants and landlords together. Apartment Amsterdam is a marketplace for offer and demand.

Is Apartment Amsterdam a real estate agent?
No, Apartment Amsterdam is not a real estate agent. Apartment Amsterdam is a property portal whereby Amsterdam based real estate agents and property owners can list their apartments. The Amsterdam properties can be listed by an XML connection or by hand. The real estate agents and property owners are responsible for the content, pictures and prices. The technical team of Apartment Amsterdam has also build and integrated a fully operational booking engine that is used for the short stay apartments. The availability and prices of all short stay apartments listed is kept in a large databank and as such customers can book their short stay apartments online.

What does it cost to rent or buy an apartment through Apartment Amsterdam?
Generally speaking prices per square meter for an apartment in Amsterdam range from 3500 euro per square meter for apartments on the outskirts to 10.000 euro per square for the most luxurious and well kept apartments on the canals. Prices for a regular apartment on the canals are around 5000 euro per square meter.

Who uses the Apartment Amsterdam website?
The Apartment Amsterdam websites by both national and international clients, including people coming to Amsterdam for a few days, people looking to stay in Amsterdam for an extended work related stay, people who are being relocated to Amsterdam and need to find a suitable apartment and people interested in buying or selling the Amsterdam apartment. The available apartments on our website can be grouped into apartments for rent and apartments for sale, unfurnished apartments, semi-furnished apartments, upholstered apartments, furnished apartments and short stay apartments and flats. upload using XML. Every professional rental or sale agent is able to display their listings of apartments in Amsterdam. We have developed the newest web based technologies which enables you to quickly and easily load the apartments. Suitable apartments on a temporary basis.

In January 2014, we have also launched the first and only real estate website in Russian, solely targetted for Russians looking to buy property in Amsterdam. The website is www.nedvizhimostamsterdam.ru.

Additional Services

The Apartment Amsterdam team is happy to recommend several Amsterdam based companies that are associateed to or work within the real estate market. We have leearneed from the past and have had many clients ask us for a recommendation with regards to a good plumber, electricien, lock smith and / or gardener in Amsterdam. We also relatively often receive a call or email from clients, asking us for a good and English speaking dentist, vet, accountant or notary in Amsterdam. In order to make the live of our clients just a little bit more easy, we have put together 2 small lists of recommendations. The first list is related to housing and the second list is related to handy and / or imporant services in Amsterdam. We have worked with the below listed companies in the past and are both happy about the work they have done for us and the prices they have calculated. EWe can however nopt take any blame is case you are not 100% satisfied with the service rendered.

Housing related companies:
English speaking plumber in Amsterdam: www.loodgieteramsterdam.biz
English speaking plumber in Rotterdam: www.loodgieterrotterdam.org
English speaking plumber in The Hague: www.loodgieterdenhaag.org
English speaking plumber in Utrecht: www.loodgieterutrecht.org
English speaking notary office in Amsterdam: www.notarisamsterdam.info
English speaking lock smith and emergency service in Amsterdam:www.slotenmakeramsterdam.info
English speaking moving company in Amsterdam: www.verhuisbedrijfamsterdam.biz

Handy services in Amsterdam:
English speaking vet in Amsterdam: www.dierenartsamsterdam.com
English speaking hairdresser in Amsterdam: www.kapperamsterdam.net
English speaking accountant in Amsterdam: www.accountantamsterdam.eu
English speaking personal trainer in Amsterdam: www.personaltraineramsterdam.net

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